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January 2024 Update

It's been a busy couple of months...

I'm only two weeks into the job, but things have been moving quickly since election day and I'm excited to share a few updates with you! Here's what I've been up to on behalf of Ward 4 and Newburyport the past couple of months:

  • City Council meeting on November 13th
  • Newburyport Housing Forum on November 16th
  • New Councilor Training hosted by the Massachusetts Municipal Association on December 9th
  • Last City Council meeting of the last term on December 11th
  • Planning Board and Conservation Commission meetings regarding Lower Atkinson project in late December
  • City Council Inauguration on January 2nd 🗽
  • Various meetings with current and former city officials from late December - early January
  • City Council meeting on January 8th 
  • Budget & Finance Committee and Human Rights Commission meetings on January 11th 
  • Whittier information session hosted by Mayor Reardon on January 9th
  • Whittier Tech facility tour on January 13th 


That's a pretty long list but I would summarize as: getting up to speed on current business and gathering historical context so I can be as effective as possible in representing you on the Council. I have a lot left to learn but I'm excited to continue doing the work and getting smarter on the issues and processes. 

Please note I received my committee assignments and am very pleased to be serving on the Budget & Finance and Community Services committees. I also have my official city email address which is - don't hesitate to reach out. 

Upcoming dates (check the city website for the latest): 

Look out for a message with details on office hours which I will schedule in the coming weeks/months so you can meet with me in-person if you'd like to. I'm off to the Massachusetts Municipal Association's Annual Meeting this weekend for more training and networking. 

That's all for now!