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Endorsement Letters

I am so grateful to the folks who have taken time to share why they are voting for me in this election. We made a conscious decision to run a positive campaign about the issues and concerns of the residents of Ward 4 from day one. I'm proud of our campaign and more passionate about making progress for our city now than when we started. I hope to earn your vote on Tuesday, November 7th.
If you haven't already seen them, links to Daily News endorsement letters are below. 
Brianna Sullivan - "Former state rep. candidate endorses Harman" November 2, 2023 
Newburyport Daily News Opinion - "Harman, Smith and Donahue for City Council" October November 1, 2023
Michael Lawler - "Harman is all in" November 1, 2023
Ashley Connors - "Vote Harman for Ward 4" October 30, 2023
Kirk Trach - "Anna Jaques nurse supports Harman for Ward 4" October 18, 2023
Barry Connell - "Former city councilor endorses Harman" October 17, 2023
Margaret McQuillan - "Harman a perfect fit for Ward 4" October 17, 2023
Alexandra Perkins - "Harman will do the work for Ward 4" September 11, 2023