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My story

Hi, my name is Ben Harman and I’m your Ward 4 City Councilor. I grew up in south Georgia but I’ve called Massachusetts home for 23 years. I arrived here in 2000 as a student at Boston University where I studied classical music. While I was thrilled to be able to pursue my passion academically, I was even more enthralled by my new home in New England.

I met my husband in Boston, and we eventually made our way here to Newburyport, his hometown, and now my home too. I’ve loved getting to know the community here over the past several years, whether patronizing the many local businesses and restaurants we love, hosting an annual party for the Yankee Homecoming parade at our house on High Street, or serving as a member of the City’s Human Rights Commission.

In my professional life I work at a technology startup, where I serve as VP of People and Business Operations. What I love about operations is day-to-day problem-solving and making things work. And that’s the mindset I bring to my work on the Council. 

I want our community to grow and thrive, and I believe that means making the community more accessible and welcoming, particularly to our neighbors who find it challenging to afford to stay. It also means ensuring that our youth have safe and supportive spaces to learn and play.

I believe in common sense government, finding consensus to benefit the community, balancing our needs and the resources available, and working to find creative solutions. Together we can make progress for the betterment of our community and I am honored to serve as your representative on the City Council.


Best regards,


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